Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nice areas / Beaux quartiers

Residential area / Coin résidentiel

Tostadas in the making / Les tostadas en préparation

Tostadas & Gacamole

A diabetic nightmare / Le cauchemar du diabétique

The Disney global empire

Ready for the Dog show / Toilettage au poil !

Pineapples waiting to cross the street / les Ananas attendent le feu rouge !

Fashion factory / Les nippes à vendre

Dolls / Poupées

local Electronic games / Les jeux video du coin

The Mexican Flinstones / Les Pierrafeu au Mexique

Fried pig ears / Oreilles de cochons frites

Miss Shampoo smiling / Champoing public

Time for a good back rub ! / Massage sur commande

Haircut time ! / Coupe incorpo !

GrandMa buys lottery tickets / Mamie achète des tickets de lotterie

Gee ! lost again ! / Zut ! mauvais numéro !

Brooms and buckets / Corps de balais


The next generation of customers

healthy local produces

old man with a guitar

at the market

at the marke

the look of innocence

Waiting for God knows what ?

The Taxi station

Old man passing by

walking the dog under the MPs'scrutiny

Little doggie discovers the world

the market is well garded !

little square with swings for kids

Recent house in the nice districts

Typical old Mexican house or...... Church ???

saturday car washing near the animators' house